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 *blows dust off blog*

So, I confess....I'm a blog abandoner. *sighs with shame* It's been a LOOOOOONG time since I've posted, but in my defense, a LOT has happened. :)

I've had a lot of highs and lows this year, and the most important being my newest (and biggest, and scariest) project yet.....I've taken over ownership at CS and re-launched it as {scrapflower}!

It's been a long road of learning curves and 'Oh, crap!' moments, and then lots of relief when it didn't blow up in my face right away. With no web savvy or experience in running a shop, I've managed to get the hang of it. It's definitely a labor of love, and one I hope to continually get better at. :) I've met so many awesome digi-scrap peeps and technical gurus that I'm left in awe of how amazing the digi-scrap community is.

But with all this store building/running distraction, my designing has gone by the wayside until recently. I've released a few new kits with a cheeky, wild vibe, I guess my inner 'silly heart' is running amuck. Here are the most recent goodies....


So, I've had a bit of fun, just making some cutesy stuff. But I've got a whole slew of new products in the works that will be kicking off my new logo and branding, as well as a new blog overhaul. But, one of the most important lessons I've learned this summer is....BABY STEPS. It *will* get done, but not at the expense of health, family or sanity. :) I here sanity is a good thing to have. Maybe I'll find mine soon, LOL!

Okay, I've made you search this far, so......here's the next letter you need for the {sf} Blog Buzz coupon code. The letter is:

Now, buzz along to Leah's blog for the next letter of our 30% off coupon code....http://mommyish.net/blog. Happy buzzing! :)


I am... a digital scrapbook designer, an aspiring writer, part cynic/ part philosopher, scatterbrained and easily fascinated, moody, fun-loving, obsessed with office supplies and Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, a rock music fanatic, an embracer of my thirty-somethingness, oftentimes inspired, sometimes discouraged, and all of the time grateful for the invention of chocolate. In other words, I am a work in progress! ;)



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